Dad’s Arrived, and Happy Birthday to Me

Everything went perfectly for Dad and Mom in their travels. It was completely without any sort of drama, which is just what you would wish for on a first big trip like that.

Mom is calmly confident about air travel and was already planning future dream trips last night. It is amazing how quickly we can move from blubbering bundles of fear to smugly superior pros.

We’re all glad they made it here without any detours into sides of mountains or tours of coral reefs. They seemed more worried about surviving the streets of Cusco than flying again. May they never need to cross Lima!

They seem to be fairly unaffected by the change in altitude so far. Mom noticed a shortness of breath, but when her oxygen levels showed perfect, that immediately went away. The mind is a mysterious force….

They filled the stereotypical grandparents role and brought lots of candy and other treats, immediately winning everyone’s hearts. I had made a few small orders of vitamins and such, too.

Mom is enraptured with the scenery and weather and other unique bits. Dad is rather offended by the cold of night, but he was cautiously delighted with sunshine by day.

Today is coincidentally my birthday. We are glad to have our parents here to share with that. Abbey can’t wait for her birthday next week, after which she can say that Grandpa’s have been to Peru only for her birthday out of all the children.

At the airport in Cusco
We three siblings went to collect them.
Hugs and hellos
Opening suitcases
Staying up too late
Showing Grandma the bunnies
Steph making a cake for my birthday