Josué from Puno Is Here

While we were in Puno, I mentioned to Josué, who is the same age as Caleb, that we have the well project ongoing, which Caleb is mostly doing himself. Percy has not recently been as faithful at showing up to work, leaving us in the lurch.

Josué immediately jumped at the opportunity. He’s never worked on a farm or with his hands much and was excited to learn. He’s also taking English as part of his university studies and was eager to have a chance to practice.

So it was that we were home just a week before Josué followed us. This was his first time traveling alone without his family, so I think he’s enjoying the sense of adventure and the challenge of new things.

He has been helping Caleb on the well house this week. Percy has been helping some, too. They’ve made really good progress on the well house. Next week they hope to start with the plumbing.

We’ve enjoyed having Josué here. He has a lot of thoughts to contribute to discussions and a great sense of humor. He’s looking to stay a couple of weeks, at least.

Esmeralda has been burning out our ditches to kill the weeds and the thistle seeds from last year. The farm is looking a lot sharper as that gets cleaned up.

The ditches are still completely dry, but that will be changing pretty soon. We’ve had a few rains recently, and more are on the way.

Collecting Josué from the bus station
Busy working
Nearly done with the outside
Cleaning ditches
We found a turkey egg from our turkey. She’s been hiding in the ditches.
The ditches are dry right now, but this gives you an idea of how deep they are in the rainy season.
Afternoon rain
With a rainbow 🌈