Some Friends from the States Are Visiting

Friday morning, our friend Naoma from Virginia arrived with her friend Jenny. They will be with us until the 17th.

The weekend was busy, but it was fun to spend it with a dear friend. Jenni is not adjusting well at all to Peruvian life, but Naoma has settled in like an old pro, even going with us on Saturday to pass out tracts in town.

I’ll try to share more later… when we’re not busy with our visitors. ๐Ÿ˜

Stopping at the Friday market on the way back from the airport
Naoma was chattering with all the vendors. It was easy to see she was happy to be in Latin America again!
Travels are tiring
Naoma is nearly always working. She is the sort who looks for work to do. Steph is delighted with the extra help.
Naoma and Jenni brought treasures.
Like coffee from one of bestest friends
And a birthday gift of shoes from another
And art supplies! The children are thrilled.
Naoma painting a horse for Anne
Enjoying Bible study with Rafael and Elisabet
Steph making a cake for Seth’s birthday
From Seth’s imagination
Passing out tracts
This older lady couldn’t see well enough to read, but she was delighted that I gave her a Quechua Bible. She had her granddaughter read her Psalm 23.
Adjusting Josuรฉ’s back
Headed to Cusco today
Waiting for the combi