Naoma and Jenny Have Gone

We had a very full and quite enjoyable time with our guests. Naoma got a head cold at the end of her visit, but otherwise, things went well for her. Jenny was up and down numerous times; she thoroughly enjoyed all of her up times though, and was recalling all the things she would miss from Peru as we drove to the airport.

The ladies were adventurous enough to catch a bus to Puno. Because their time was short enough, they decided to leave Wednesday night and return Thursday night, with over seven hours on the bus each way. They felt it was well worth it. Naoma has always dreamed of going to Lake Titicaca, so it was great for her to cross off an item from her bucket list.

One thing that Naoma was really hoping for was a good ole thunderstorm while she was here, but we only had a pleasant spring rain the last night they were here, I think. We did have rain the day they left and rain again today, so it looks like they just missed the rainy season in earnest.

[I tried uploading the blog, but it was erased up to this point. I’m sure I said things after this, important things, but I do not recall what they were. So, I’ll write other things.]

The ladies did get to see a new kid. China’s goat Carol had a buckling Sunday afternoon. Another doeling, Luthien, had twins, but they were too early and didn’t make it; thankfully, she has a nice amount of milk. Maude is due to kid soon. I enjoyed fresh goat milk over granola and in my coffee Sunday morning, nice and sweet.

It was such a joy to have Naoma with us. She was a ray of sunshine, always looking for ways to help Steph and to keep the little ones happy and laughing. We’ll miss having her around. I had such fun talking Spanish and Spanglish with her. When I get big, I’ll talk Spanish as well as she does. ¡Hasta la vuelta, Noehmí!

We enjoyed and evening at Caleb and Belinda’s Sunday evening. They have a smallish living area, but we all fit and kept each other cozy. We had a hilarious game of signals. Alicia was there for the evening, too. Her looks are changing as she has chosen to let her hair grow and to wear dresses. We continue weekly instruction with her.

The men are working on the ditches and plumbing for the well house. I’m really hoping we get the well hooked up to the house soon. The shower heater is on its very last leg. It has a tendency to burst into flames when women use it, so it’s about time to change it, but I’m wanting to wait until all the plumbing is new.

Josué was proudly showing off his blisters the other day. We’ve enjoyed having him here and will miss him; he’s planning to head back to Puno this weekend, Lord willing.

I had said something about the garden, but I don’t remember what all except that I’m excited that my mixed salad patch is sprouting! I have carrots, onions, garlic, beets, corn, cucumbers, broccoli, and five types of squash planted now. I’m a bit like Toad, going out each morning and five times during the day to glare at the ground and yell, “Seeds! Grow!”

Thanks to whoever send flower bulbs! Some came without names. Names of the sender, I mean, not of the bulbs. Though the bulbs weren’t named either, actually. I’ll prolly just call them Bud. (*takes a moment to wheeze with laughter*) I’ve planted irises, lilies, and tulips so far. I hope they come up!

[I feel like I said more things, but I cannot remember what they were. I’m sure they were the really interesting parts. Sorry.]

Off to Puno
One batch of bunnies
Another batch of bunnies
At market
Listening to a rare auction
Buying ducklings
At church
Looking at the new kid
At Caleb’s
Josué getting blisters
Salad seedlings
Seeds! Grow!