Visiting Valeria

Alicia was the GPS for China and me as we tried to find the house of Valeria’s grandparents. Alicia didn’t have a phone number, so we couldn’t let them know we were coming though we had called Elizabeth and Dennis to let them know we were on the way.

Alicia kept saying phrases like al fondo, más allá, en la esquina, a la vuelta. I do not like driving through Cusco with such phrases. They more or less mean, “I forget where it is, but let’s keep driving in circles until I notice something I recognize.” [Silent screaming]

We did find the house, and they told us to just go on to the hospital. So, three minutes later, we were back in the road, looking for the hospital that was “al fondo.”

We did get in, but they would permit only two visitors. Alicia chose to stay in the waiting room so that China could go with me.

We were happy to find that Valeria was awake! Elizabeth said she had woken after Alicia said we were on the way. Thank you all for praying!

Valeria was saying, “Papi, Mami, Valeria.” They were happy to hear her voice again. She had been in a coma for more than a week, they said.

After hearing their story, we sang a while, China and I. Valeria listened quietly but would cry when a song ended. I took a minute between each song to talk about the message of the song, beautiful hymns like, “It Is Well,” written by men who experienced great loss.

I then shared the gospel of Jesus. Dennis said he had never heard the story before. Valeria wanted to sit up and eat, so we kept pausing to give her attention.

She ate a plate of rice and chicken, which was great. Her dad said she’d been mostly living off IVs.

After sharing the gospel message and calling Dennis and Elizabeth to put their trust in God, I prayed for them. I then asked if I could pray for Valeria, which they were thrilled to accept.

I took Valeria’s hand and told her who I was and why I was there. She looked at me and smiled. I asked her if I could pray for her. She nodded her head very enthusiastically and said yes.

Though she had been crying and frustrated numerous times during our visit, while I prayed with my hands on her head, she lay back quietly against her pillow. It was so precious and peaceful.

Elizabeth and Dennis were crying but thankful to see the change. I challenged them to seek God with their whole hearts and to realize that all the suffering in this world does not come from God but from man’s own sin.

We don’t know how God will choose to work now, but we do know that it will bring Him glory as He deserves. Keep praying for this dear family, for their salvation, and for their healing.

Looking for the house
Chatting with the abuela
In the hospital waiting area
Meeting Valeria who had a fever when we arrived
Sharing the Good News
Valeria with no fever, saying goodbye