Leonela Returned; Prepping for the Baby

Steph and I went to Cusco Saturday to collect Leonela at the airport. We took most of the children with us. Abbey and Juanito had some homework to do, so they were left in exile at home.

After retrieving Leonela, we went by Plaza Vea to get a few supplies for our planned Christmas meal. Steph sent a list to China and me of what she would like to make: toffee, caramels, buckeyes, peanut butter crackers, puppy chow, sugar cookies, coccons, crinkle cookies. She then asked, “What else?” I thought of suggesting mashed potatoes, but I didn’t want to break the theme.

We had fellowship lunch on Sunday, as is our custom the first Sunday of the month. Percy and Lucrecia and their children minus the oldest girl came. We haven’t seen Lucrecia in quite a while. Edward was not there because he had to go to Cusco to deal with more trouble with his wife.

Our group feels pretty small sometimes, but we’re grateful for each one. We had a fairly lively discussion from Matthew 8 on the healing of the leprous man. Isn’t it interesting how Jesus both broke the law and demanded the healed man follow the law in the same encounter? What was His focus or purpose?

Monday Edward was not here all day, so that made my day a bit more full. Percy took care of collecting whey and old cake for the pigs’ weekly feed. We also got the water back to our well again. It seems the check-valve has solved the problem, for which we are thankful.

Yesterday, Steph and I went to Cusco for a final ultrasound. Everything looks good. The ultrasound tech says the baby is over 7 pounds and positioned ready to arrive. Our midwife asks all her patients to get an ultrasound in the last month sometime, which was new for us.

Steph has been nesting quite fiercely the last week or so. She always does this not long before the baby comes. Our room received a deep cleaning. She’s been going through all the children’s clothes to get them into the next sizes from boxes stored in the attic. She has the baby bed and all the supplies ready to go. And she’s been doing some sewing. The baby can come in peace now.

The children have been practicing for their school program. They have two weeks of school left, and the plan is to invite some friends to listen to them give reports on work from the year as well as share some some songs and poems. China and Leonela talked and decided that China will simply finish out the school year since Leonela had been gone for a while and there is such a short time left.

Juanito gave me a hug this morning and said, “Good morning! There are only 18 days until Christmas!” I think he is pretty excited for school vacation to come, and is marking Christmas as his jubilee.

My family often does a family photo calendar, so we needed some recent ones of everyone. I’ll include those. Steph did a good job with the photography, I thought.

Collecting drinking water from the cow trough
…because the water from the other line seemed a little dirty.
Helping Percy with his down cow
We got her up and walking again. She had fallen in a ditch.
Edward cleaning the truck
Waiting at the airport for Leonela
Willow is happy to have her friend back.
Esmeralda talking to a blood tech for Steph
Checking Steph’s blood pressure, which was perfect.
Willow – 1
Walter – 3
Seth – 5
Juanito – 6
Dane – 8
Abbey – 10
Anne – 11
Steph – 🧡
Me – 35
Us – 14
China – 23