Protests, Riots, and Deaths

Things are continuing to worsen here in Peru. There are at least two groups of thought: those who want the former President Castillo restored and those who support the current Congress and the newly instituted President Boluarte. There are other divisions, too, but these two groups are at a sort of civil war.

The streets closed in our area yesterday as have numerous airports and most business throughout the country. Protests are more and more violent with numerous people being killed daily; the numbers are hard to determine, but they are low yet.

The road beside our lane was blocked with trees. I heard the protests in Inquilpata and Compone throughout the night. There were many fires throughout the valley and in most parts of the country. People are angry, but many do not even know why. They are driven by the mob of politics and the fever of drink.

Rafael and Elisabet say that Izcuchaca is in chaos. They are staying closed up in their store, but Elisabet was threatening to join the protests because Rafael and Elisabet had voted for Castillo.

Our friends have advised us not to go out. Those who oppose Castillo say that it is the United States’ fault what happened in Venezuela and what is now happening in Peru. A bloodthirsty crowd would not find it hard to attack any white person at the moment.

We are thankful that we were able to buy all that we felt we may need for a while on Monday. We are now in our bubble of peace on the farm, waiting and praying. Steph sent some pictures of her mid-morning walk, saying how ironic it is to know that the country is in an uproar, but we are able to be in such peace here. We pray that peace will be extended.

We plan to have prayer meeting here at our house today. Alicia and Cristina cannot come because of the roadblocks and protests, but those of us nearby plan to meet. Edward was nearly waylaid by a group of protestors at the Compone gas station when he tried to drive to work this morning; they tried to stop him from driving past. That could have turned out poorly had they discovered he is Venezuelan. He may walk home tonight instead of taking the motorcycle.

These things can change so quickly. Please pray that peace can return to Peru. Also, be praying for Caleb and Belinda who will have to make a decision before long about whether or not try traveling back. There are still a few weeks for things to settle down for them.

Also, feel free to share this report with anyone who could join us in prayer.

Near our lane
In front of Rafael’s store
Where we normally shop
The police and the civilians fighting
In Cusco yesterday
Thousands are protesting in Lima. These are near the Capitol where Congress meets.
We are grateful for our little Goshen.
Will God allow our peace to continue? Or is the world just getting worse and worse as Jesus warned?