School Program this Evening

Yes, I know I haven’t sent out a blog this week, but I haven’t found the time. This one will be super short, too.

We want to invite you to listen in to the school program this evening. I am going to try to host the program in Google Meet, but I will warn you that I am not that tech savvy. However, we did a test this morning, and it seemed to work well.

I will have the settings so that your end will be no video and no audio. Also, I believe I am limited to 100 participants, so if you can’t get on, it could be that the call has filled up!

We invited our local friends to arrive at 5:00 EST, which is likely when I’ll make the stream go live, but this is Peruβ€”do not expect us to start on time! πŸ˜… If we’re not there exactly at 5:00, try again in a couple of minutes.

You can join with the following link:

We hope you can join us! (P.S. I will try to send an actual update another day.)