Christmas, Cookies, and Chala

We were glad for everyone who could get in on the school program. I heard afterward that some of you tried but couldn’t enter the call. That may have been my fault as I had to manually accept every caller. Apparently, I missed some of you.

We had a fairly low-key Christmas. Steph had been feeling ill but was just getting better. We had church in the morning as usual then had a special Christmas supper.

As this week has gone on, more of the family has fallen victim to the stomach bug that Steph seemed to have. It hasn’t been too bad except when Seth began to vomit violently as I led the first song in prayer meeting. The group sang while I mopped the floor and Steph cleaned up Seth.

I have been feeling off all afternoon, as has Dane. He is now emptying his stomach while I am in denial. Hopefully the sickness will pass before the year ends.

Steph is officially “overdue.” That means with each passing day, she has a rising chance of becoming grumpy. We’re thankful that she’s healthy now and has her strength. The baby will come when she’s ready.

Some of you have asked about the political situation here. Things quieted before Christmas and were pretty well back to normal. I was able to purchase feed for the animals to last about a month. Esmeralda met someone at market who was selling chala (cornstalks). We were able to order a truckload, which we will use for fattening the bulls.

Some people say there will be protests and roadblocks this coming week, but I will guess that with the New Year’s holiday on the horizon, nothing will come of the threats. I really am not sure where things are with the government though I know they are voting on when to hold elections for a new president. That should happen late 2023, they say. It’ll be nice to have a seventh president in the amount of time of a supposed presidential cycle, I suppose; I believe the presidential term is supposed to be five years.

Caleb and Belinda are scheduled to get back a week from today. You can pray for them as they pack all their suitcases and say their farewells to family in the States.

The program setup
Juanito racing Esmeralda in flashcards
Decorating cookies afterward
Lots of cookies
On Friday, each of the children got a Christmas jacket or Christmas shoes 😁
Study with Alicia Christmas afternoon
Finishing up a Bible study with Rafael’s
They brought gifts for the children.
…so Rafael could play with them. ☺️
The load of chala
Good to go for a while