Looking Over Life – Episodes for the New Year

James and I have released three episodes lately that were really helpful for me in thinking about what I want 2023 to look like. Maybe you’d find them thought-provoking, too. You can click on the episodes below if you’re interested.

Episode 38: Needs – Wants – Dreams – Excess We talked about how to determine how to use our money better. How can we know whether we’re feeding our wants or merely meeting our needs? Is it okay to have things that are in the Want category?

Episode 39: 2023 Yearly Themes We talk about what are goals were for 2022 and whether or not we met them. Then we discuss what are themes are for 2023 and how they will inform our goals and habits. How can you avoid having New Year’s resolutions that are already forgotten by mid-January?

Episode 40: How Can You Read Your Bible Every Day in 2023? We discuss various Bible reading plans that have worked for us over the years as well as what we hope to accomplish in 2023. Do you find Bible reading tough? Or have you cracked the code? 🙂