The Baby Has Arrived

Daisy Alexandra Schmidt
8 lb 2 oz / 3.7 kg
19 1/2 in / 49 cm

We had a rather frightening delivery. For reasons undetermined, Steph hemorrhaged.

We have weighed various things and estimate she lost approximately 10% of her body weight in blood, which should be impossible. She should be dead, I understand.

But God has given her back to us.

Steph is very weak but is talking. She said she feels good but claustrophobic and wants the midwife to leave. 🙃

Daisy is doing splendidly. I think I might shatter, but I’m holding it together for the moment.

Praise be to God for His undeserved mercies!

Thank you to all who were praying. Please pray for Steph’s recovery.