Open Roads… But for How Long?

Either Friday night or Saturday morning, the roads were opened up to Cusco. We had planned to go to Cusco Friday, but the roads had been closed again that morning. Since we had a chance on Saturday, we decided to take it. There was still a block in Pucyura, but we were able to take the long route around Lake Huaypo.

Caleb and Belinda went in as well, with Caleb taking the role of driver for the day. I’m always happy to let him drive for us. We wanted to go to the open market in San Pedro so Dane and Martha could see that and do some shopping. I had wanted to get back before dark, but as Cusco days always go, we got back much later than we had planned. Someday I will be able to better estimate the time needed for a Cusco trip. Maybe.

Cusco showed no signs of protests other than the stores not having many products to sell because they cannot get products delivered by tractor trailers. We enjoyed our time in the city, showing my in-laws around and managing to find a few needed items. We went to the mall to do some shopping because we wanted some concrete board for hanging tile in the bathroom, and we can’t get that in Izcuchaca. The ladies also did some shopping at Plaza Vea while we men were in Promart.

We took the long way home though it looked like traffic was coming through from Anta. We didn’t want to risk it. We arrived home at midnight without having met any trouble at all.

Yesterday, the roads remained open, but I had heard that the people were planning to close them again the next day. I talked with Dane to let him know that we may not be able to get to Cusco for their flight on Wednesday, depending how things go. They could have gotten a flight out yesterday, but they decided to stay on and see how it turns out.

Well, today the roads are closed again, and they say they will be closed the rest of the week or more. Apparently, they opened the roads yesterday so that more protesters could go from Puno, Arequipa, and Cusco to protest in Lima where Congress and the President are.

The people are talking about Cusco separating from Peru and forming its own country with any parts of the south and east that will join it. That would be a hard change, I think. The two sides of the country depend on each other quite heavily with much trade going between Lima and Cusco. I think Cusco would suffer pretty badly with no access to Lima, which is the richer, more modern, more advanced side of the nation. But those things are not our concern.

The nations will come and go until the Lord’s return. We keep looking for ways to share the gospel.

On Saturday, Leonela, Esmeralda, and Alicia went to pass out tracts and visit people in Alicia’s community. They met with over fifty people. In Cusco, we had several interactions where we able to share the gospel and invite people to either come to church or join the sermon chat. No one did, but we keep sowing the seed abundantly in hopes of an abundant harvest.

Please pray wisdom and direction for Dane and Martha.

Also, pray for Yeni, the young lady from Paraguay who is/was planning to fly into Cusco this Wednesday to visit us for a few months. Should she come?

Also, pray for China, who wants to come back to Peru but isn’t sure when that should be.

And pray for us here. Pray that God would supply our needs and give us boldness and compassion for sharing His gospel with others.

Heading to Izcuchaca on Saturday
Talking to a protester and inviting him to church
Hauling his beef up the street
Can you carry potatoes like that?
Waiting for the adults to be done shopping
Sunday morning
Family snapshot Sunday morning
Up on the mountain
With my coffee and my dog
China, trying to remember she misses Peru