Konrad and China’s Flight Canceled

Poor people. They arrived in Miami to check in only to be told that their flight was canceled. More specifically, it was their specific reservation that was not properly confirmed by the booking agency, so Delta canceled their tickets after a couple of days.

So, they spent the hours through midnight trying to figure out how to get another flight. They did manage to reach the booking agent who was working to help them find another flight.

China’s streak of increasingly bizarre things happening to each succeeding flight continues! I feel sorry for her, but she said she was very glad not to be alone this time. I guess it’s more fun to camp out at an airport if you have someone you really like for company.

They ended up getting hotel rooms sometime after midnight, I understand. They aren’t responding to messages this morning, so I’m guessing they’re sleeping until they need to fly. I’m imagining the irony of them oversleeping and missing their replacement flight–yes, I can imagine that.

Their new flight is still not scheduled, if I understand correctly, so who knows when they’ll get here? Pray for them as they come to mind today. They need it.

P.S. Today is Anne’s 12th birthday. She is planning to join me joining Caleb’s who have a residency appointment at INTERPOL this morning in Cusco.

Trying to convince Delta to let them fly
How one might feel to learn they get to spend the night at the airport