Konrad and China Made It

I don’t know exactly what happened, but the flight that was canceled by Delta was reinstated by Delta after Konrad talked with them. Praise the Lord and thanks to Konrad!

Caleb and I with Anne went to pick them up this morning, leaving before 5:30. They were there waiting for us, looking pretty tired. We’re glad to have them.

The INTERPOL process went well for Caleb’s yesterday, and he was able to get the documents sent to the States. Another step behind us. Hopefully they’ll keep making progress.

We had Rafael’s here for Bible study tonight. It was fun to have China back and to have Konrad join us; he speaks Spanish well, self-taught.

Rafael’s were here last night, too, as well as Alicia, Esmeralda, and Caleb’s. It was a nice group.

Everyone was tired today, but it was a happy tired. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

Steph made this cake for Anne
Making supper
Getting a haircut
Happy birthday, Anne!
Juanito preaching
They arrived!
Knocked out