Sick of Visitors

But not in the way you might think.

China arrived with a cold that has only worsened. Konrad also got a cold out of solidarity to his girlfriend. I felt no such compunctions toward my sister, but as one after the other has fallen, I felt too isolated not to join them.

Dane came crying to our bed this morning around sunrise. “I’ve been up ever since 2:30, and my whole body hurts…” He then listed all the hurting body parts. I told him I feel the same way. “Well, why aren’t you crying then?” Good question.

I’m sure it is just a normal cold, the first one of the fall. Well, we likely wouldn’t have gotten one had one not been shared with us, but who knows?

Caleb came to work and was here a couple of hours before he went home with aches and nausea. Various of my children are lying about languidly. Daisy is warm. China hasn’t been seen since yesterday. Konrad has improved, but was very lightheaded yesterday. So, we are all resting as we can.

I’m going to try to get an outline written for the Sunday sermon in case I don’t feel up to studying later. Then I think I will go take a nap. With nearly the whole church sick, we’ll likely not have prayer meeting tonight. You can pray for us instead.

Curled up to write in my office
Willow is on the floor behind me.
Dane is on the couch.
The rest of the sick ones aren’t here. 🙃