Better and Worse

I tried a couple of times to study yesterday, but I just could not focus. My head hurt too much. I had a slight fever off and on throughout the day, but I wasn’t suffering as much as some others.

I think that about half of us were better and about half of us were worse. We all complained of our heads. It wasn’t so much that we had terrible headaches; although, there was some of that. It was mostly a dull stuffiness and lots of dizziness. We all felt like we were spinning at times.

Esmeralda was a big help. She stepped in and kept the house running while the rest of us moaned about. Steph was feeling her worst yesterday, and none of the rest of us felt like doing anything more than absolutely necessary. Though we rested through the day, everyone was exhausted and ready for an early bedtime.

China and Konrad were obviously feeling improved. They and Caleb’s went to market to do the shopping, which was a relief for me. I could have gone, but I certainly didn’t feel up to it. After getting back from market, they went to town to get lunch and then to Cusco for the afternoon and evening. I’m glad they bounced back so quickly.

Caleb says he’s feeling worse today with a fever again. Belinda isn’t feeling great either. I’m not sure what will happen tomorrow for church, but I expect our family will be able to be there if we continue recovering today. That means I need to finish my sermon while battling the cotton in my head.

In an unrelated topic, my Aunt Sue fell and broke her leg/knee the other day. She had polio as a child, making her bones more brittle. Her one leg was the worst affected part of her body, and that is the one she broke. It’s hard to imagine the effects of polio today as the vaccine program that came in Aunt Sue’s childhood eliminated polio in North and South America, but it’s a terrible disease.

Aunt Sue had surgery, but the doctor said there was only so much he could do because the bone shattered. She will be off her leg for up to six months before they look at it again. She is praying that God will allow her to walk again, and I’d like to ask that you would pray the same.

Aunt Sue has been a hero in my life and a big supporter of the work here in Peru. It’s hard to see her suffer. Thanks for thinking of her.

Various stages of suffering
Willow was probably the worst of us.
Daisy was just grouchy all day.
I thought their faces captured about how we all felt.