Improved Health and a Trip to Puno

We’re happy to be feeling much better now. I would say that we are up to about 90% health overall. Daisy never got very sick, but she has a sore throat, which makes her extrememly grumpy. She doesn’t want to swallow because it hurts, but she wants to be fed because she’s hungry. So, she just screams to let us know she does not approve. Steph has been extremely patient, but it is wearing her out. We’re praying that Daisy gets better quickly.

We felt well enough to spend the day with Konrad and China yesterday. Esmeralda took care of the boys for us while the girls were at Caleb’s. We appreciated the opportunity to be away. We did some shopping at San Pedro then got lunch together and ice cream and coffee. We then went walking and looking into some small tiendas to pass the time together.

I was very pleased to find a meat vendor who had bacon for sale for only $6 a pound. Yes, that is expensive, but not nearly as expensive as what we’ve found before by at least half. We have bacon very, very rarely, so this will be a treat. It is in the freezer now. We were also thrilled to find fresh jalapeńos! That was a first for us. They were S/1 per pepper, which is not bad at all.

I cannot remember if I had mentioned that a couple from Puno was considering moving our way for a term. José and Rosita are members of the Puno church and have two daughters of school ages. They are thinking to be with us around a year or as the Lord directs. They’ve been busy emptying their house and getting their things ready to move, and the timing is just right that we plan to go get them tonight.

Well, we’ll be leaving tonight. The trip is about 7 hours one way, they say. We shall see. Caleb, Konrad, Dane, Shawn, and I plan to leave here after midnight to head to Puno with the intention of loading José’s stuff and leaving Puno by midday. We would like to be home late tomorrow night.

José and Rosita plan to stay with Esmeralda for a few weeks before moving in with Alicia. They plan to help Alicia with some of her work in exchange as rent for their stay there. I think that will work out well for both of them. Rosita is a certified school teacher and plans to teach our children and theirs their Spanish classes. We hope to start school in a week or two.

I wanted to send some cheese to my friend Alfredo, so I made a batch of cheddar velveeta this morning. I also cut up the jalapeños and got the brine ready. Steph is canning those now. Caleb and Konrad are changing oil and filters and such on the vehicles (we’re taking both the van and the truck) and getting them otherwise ready for the trip. I want to study a bit yet before prayer meeting, then I need to take a nap in preparation for traveling through the night.

We’d be glad for your continued prayers for us.

Happy moment for Daisy
Daisy among the daisies
My coffee 🧡
Bussing through Cusco
Buying some school supplies
Jalapeños! 🌶
I added some local peppers to stretch the batch.
Taste test of the bacon
Cheese ready for Puno