Comings and Goings

We said our tearful goodbyes to China on Saturday. It was really hard to see her go. She was our first answer to prayer for help with the work here. The past two years she has proven a great blessing to the work, a true catalyst for growth in the church.

But life is a series of seasons. If we are open to the call of God, He may lead us down many a winding road before we arrive Home. We wish China the Lord’s blessing as she follows Him into the next season. The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

Sunday was a joy to share with José, Rosita, and their girls. Is it a good exchange to give up one person to receive four? We are certainly glad to have them here. Caleb and I are especially excited to have another man here who is not a Schmidt! José shared the devotional in the service; he seems eager to share the load.

Caleb, José, and I have had a few conversations now about the upcoming school year, the upcoming store enterprise, the upcoming Bible school, the upcoming… lots of upcoming things. We’re eager for the future of the work with another pair of hands to help us. One project José will be helping with is Caleb’s residency. He thinks he can get the attornery to move forward.

On Monday, we were back at the airport, this time to pick up Leonela. She is back after spending over a month in Huaral with her family. She seems to have come back in high spirits. Willow could hardly contain her excitement to see her again, and I think Esmeralda is really happy to have her back in the house. Each member has its valued place.

We’re looking forward to a visit from Yeni in about a week. She is coming from Paraguay to spend around a month with us here. Leonela is thrilled to have her friend around again. Perhaps they’ll be able to work together on the store project.

We plan to start school here on the 20th. We were waiting for José’s family to settle in before we could start. Rosita will be teaching the Spanish courses. Lord willing, the English teacher, Sarina, will be coming from Virginia the end of April. The school year promises to be an interesting one. Our children are looking forward to sharing it with other students.

The church continues to grow. May the gospel of Jesus prevail.

Goodbye for now
José and Rosita enjoying their first service with us
Brothers meeting
Glad to have Señorita Leonela back
Singing at Esmeralda’s