Baptism and Communion

We rejoiced to welcome Alicia into the brotherhood on Sunday. Her testimony was moving. She talked about how she had invited so many friends and family, but even her own children refused to come to her baptism. They have all rejected her because her choice to follow Jesus.

Does my commitment to Jesus cost me anything? Would I still follow Him if I had to do it alone? Could I do it if every friend and family member I had, even those of my own home, rejected me?

Alicia rejoiced through her tears that she had the joy of knowing she was living in full obedience to every word of the Lord. She said she will never again be alone because she walks with Jesus.

She talked with Steph and me a couple weeks ago about a test of her faith being not knowing if we would always be here. She said she nearly lost her faith completely when the pastor’s family left before, and she could hardly bear the thought of being abandoned again.

It was a good talk. We told her honestly that we cannot be sure of the future, and that God may indeed call us away from here. She needed to be sure that she was making the choice for herself and for God. Her response made me laugh, “I’m ready to go ahead with the Lord, even if you have to leave. But if you do leave, I think I’ll ask the Lord to just let me die. That would be better!”

May the testimony of these new believers challenge us to give our all for the Lord! I’m challenged to realize that if the cross doesn’t cost me anything, if I can continue in comfort, ease, and entertainment, I truly don’t know the cross of Jesus.

Alicia made guinea pig for everyone for Sunday lunch.

José and his family had gone to Puno for a baptism there. We missed them here but were very glad they could be with the brethren there to celebrate another member added.

We had planned to have Communion Sunday night, but because José’s had made travel plans at the last minute, we ended up moving it to Monday night so that they could join us.

It was a beautiful time shared. I profoundly felt the great cost of the suffering and death of Jesus for me. Such love for one so unlovely! And that love was given for all who will accept Jesus as King of their lives.

Though God’s love is so great, yet so few experience it because the cost for them is too high. It doesn’t affect them that someone’s Son was killed for them. They choose to ignore the claim God has on their lives and walk blindly away from safety toward unending destruction.

May the power of the Resurrection fill God’s children, enabling us to live as Jesus lived. We are the only light in an ever-darkening world. Let’s help others find the way.

After Communion